Day 4 of the tour!

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Yesterday, you would have been visiting Mary Muhammad’s site for day three of the tour.  If you missed it, you can find it here:

This is now day 4, and you should go to Helen’s blog at:

Shelagh is answering some very good questions, and giving insight as to how the book came to be.


Once again, I apologize for my non working links in the first article.


Welcome to Day Two of Shelagh Watkin’s blog tour!

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Thank you for reading this blog entry! This is the second post on the blog tour. If you have just joined the tour, welcome! If you read the first posting on Chelle Cordero’s blog, thank you for following the tour! On the first blog posting, I mentioned what a wonderful book Forever Friends is and I promised readers that they would not be disappointed if they bought the book for themselves or as gifts for friends and family. Although the book is full of heartwarming stories about lasting friendships, I didn’t mention that some of the poems and stories show the other side of friendship: false friends and broken friendships. This all adds to the mix and diversity of the stories and makes the book more rounded and interesting. A true reflection of life!

I would like to thank Zada for inviting me to say more about Forever Friends. I would also like to say thank you to Zada for her editorial help with my short story, Friends in Need and two of my poems in the anthology.

There are thirty-one short stories in the book: biographical, fictional, true, science-fictional, fantasy, romance and historical. Quite a mix! Zada’s short story, Jason’s Best Friend, steps back in time to a period when appearances meant a great deal and small communities were quick to judge anyone who appeared to adopt an unacceptable way of living. Back then, the influence of the church was strong and disagreements and misunderstandings were often resolved within the walls of the church. Zada takes the reader from the wilds of an isolated ranch to the warmth and protection of the church, where everyone is given a second chance to right wrongs within the community. If you enjoy stories with a happy ending, they don’t come much happier than this!

Many of the book’s stories have happy endings, although one or two are tinged with sadness. All are interesting and full of imagination.

The same is true of the poems, some of which are inspirational, some sad and some poignant. Other poems, such as Zada’s Fine Feathered Friends reflect on friendships of a different kind. There really is something for everyone!

If you missed the first blog posting on Chelle Cordero’s blog. Check it out here:

Chelle Cordero


Forever Friends

Thanks again for reading this and best wishes for the holiday season!

Shelagh Watkins

Please follow the tour to learn more about the book.

Blog Tour

December 1 Chelle Cordero
December 2 Zada Connaway
December 3 Mary Muhammad
December 4 Helen Wisocki
December 5 Pam Robertson
December 6 Dick Stodghill
December 7 Philip Spires
December 8 Grace Bridges
December 9 L. Sue Durkin
December 10 A. Ahad
December 11 Malcolm R. Campbell
December 12 Lynn C. Johnston
December 13 Dianne Sagan
December 14 Donald James Parker
December 15 Karina Kantas
December 16 Milena Gomez
December 17 Tiziana Rinaldi Castro
December 18 Yvonne Oots

My links don’t seem to be cooperating, so you can find day 3 here:

Blog Tour for “Forever Friends”!

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Blog Tour!

The beginning of the tour on Monday, December 1st will be on Chelle Cordero’s blog:

Chelle’s story in the anthology, NOT ALONE, has a very touching and timely message. I found it very healing, having suffered a similar loss.

Join me on Tuesday, December 2nd, for the 2nd leg of the first ever blog tour of the anthology “Forever Friends!” This should be an exciting event and I am looking forward to it.

My friend, Shelagh Watkins, contributing author, compiler, editor and publisher of “Forever Friends” will be joining me here on the blog with information and comments.

She will be visiting some of the contributing author’s blogs in turn. Monday, the 1st of December, she will be visiting Chelle Cordero’s blog.

Here is the list of blogs she will be visiting:

December 1 Chelle Cordero

December 2 Zada Connaway
right here

December 3 Mary Muhammad

December 4 Helen Wisocki

December 5 Pam Robertson

December 6 Dick Stodghill

December 7 Philip Spires

December 8 Grace Bridges

December 9 L. Sue Durkin

December 10 A. Ahad

December 11 Malcolm R. Campbell

December 12 Lynn C. Johnston

December 13 Dianne Sagan

December 14 Donald James Parker

December 15 Karina Kantas

December 16 Milena Gomez

December 17 Tiziana Rinaldi Castro

December 18 Yvonne Oots

Don’t miss it!

Shelagh has the list, announcement and links to authors sites here:

39 shopping days left !!

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Yes, If you shop for Christmas on the eve of the big day, you have only 39 days left.  (I call that pushing the envelope!)

These are stressful economic times, and the holidays can really pour on the pressure.  Be sure to be good to yourself, and don’t let the little details bug you.

Little kids are usually happy with any new toy or a few new clothes, and they are the really important ones.  Can’t let the tykes down, that’s for sure. For them, books are nice if theya re old enough. Children’s books become treasured memories. But have you considered doing simple things for the older ones on your list?  Most folks just like being remembered and thought of.

For those that a card just isn’t enough, you can always give gifts from your kitchen.  Small loaves of sweet bread are always well received, as are homemade cookies and home canned items (relishes, pickles, jams and jellies are good).  Don’t cook?  Try haunting the thrift and dollar stores for ideas.  You can get full bouquets of flowers for pennies per flower.

Perhaps you have a photograph that would have particular meaning for someone on your list.  An inexpensive picture frame for their desk or mantle, embellished with small silk flowers, beads, little items or mementos is a unique gift, and would be most likely cherished by the recipient.

Being an author, I naturally think about books for the adults as well as the kids. Don’t give books that aren’t suited to the individual. Dad probably wouldn’t appreciate a book on marriage, and Mom might not be interested in auto mechanics guides. But a book they can enjoy will last them a long time.

Flower baskets are always welcome.  Artificial flowers (as mentioned above) can be arranged in wicker baskets and display a theme for very little money.  Cut the stems to length, and arrange by sticking into a florist’s foam block which you have affixed to the bottom of the basket using wire or hot glue.  Soem fake greenery for filler and you have a nice gift.

You need also to remember that presentation is extremely important.  If you can’t wrap for beans, or the item is too oddly shaped for wrapping paper, there are fancy bags that the dollar stores  carry which you can line with tissue and add some bows and ribbons.  Tissue paper can be quite elegant!

Tins of cookies and fudge can be done rather elegantly as well.  Who doesn’t like cookies and candies for Christmas?  Or any time of year, for that matter!  And the beauty is that you can make food items in big batches and in advance of the big day that many around the world celebrate.

Remember, it is not the cost in dollars that counts, but how much thought you put into a gift.  If you have a diabetic that you need to give a gift, take the time to make something sugarless, and less anything else they should not have. Or if you are crafty, make them something personal.

Spouse difficult to shop for? Try printing out ‘coupons’ that offer your ‘services’ or ‘favors’ upon redemption. This can be anything from a night on the town to doing the dishes or laundry if you don’t normally do those things. Washing the car, waking the dog, or any chore that your spouse normally does might be a great way to express appreciation for all they do. You might even spice up your love or sex life with the right themes.

Use your imagination, and get crackin’. It’s only 39 days away!

New Anthology

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New Anthology just out!

Forever Friends

edited and compiled by Shelagh Watkins

It contains my short story “Jason’s Best Friend” and my poem “Fine Feathered Friends” and other fine tales of love and friendship.

ISBN: 978-1-4092-3290-2
Copyright: © 2008 Mandinam Press
Language: English
Country: United Kingdom

Available now online:

Short stories  and poetry for every taste, everyone is sure to enjoy.

lost and found again

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It has certainly been a long time since my last post. I have been wandering the desert-literally!-but have returned home. My sincere apologies for the long hiatus.

I seek the warmth of the sun these days and wish to hide frome all the political upheaval going on this past year or two. However, the news travelks far and wide. There is nowhere to hide.

I will return as time allows, if I should find something newsworthy on my end.

Healthcare reform

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I cannot believe how long it has been! I have been busy doing other things which means there has not been much writing going on at my house.

Healthcare reform information has me puzzled. The more I listen to the rhetoric, the more confused I become. The tax payers will bear the burden of this no matter what. I think it boils down to how much it will cost, and who will be controlling it. Another czar, perhaps. And how will the decisions be made on who gets what care?

I have long thought that frivolous lawsuits against doctors have raised their malpractice insurance to astronomical rates. Even those who are caring and careful practitioners are impacted whether or not they have suits against them. Perhaps a ‘cap’ on some of their costs could be helpful in keeping costs down.

Attorneys are the ones who make the money in lawsuits. Maybe another ‘cap’ could be imposed on their percentages. They might be less willing to persue minor things and only take the provable and most devastating cases.

Insurance companies have not been helpful in keeping costs down. Have you checked into what a ‘cobra’ policy would cost you if you lost your job? It is horrendous! When I became disabled, my policy would have cost me $500.00 a month! I was unable to work and had no money coming in. Needless to say, I could not afford it. Fortunately my general health was and is good.

There must be a solution somewhere, and I hope our elected officials are able to come up with something that is fair to all. Have you written your congressman with your thoughts and suggestions? That is a good idea if you have any suggestions that might be helpful. They cannot do what you want if you don’t tell them. And they are, after all, our employees!

A little science

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Astronomy is not exactly my main interest, but here is a site that has great content for anyone interested in the stars and light.

Ahad’s Constant is a great theory worthy of investigation.

His paper has a mathematical formula which calculates the
amount of light received from anywhere in the universe.


His theory is written up in the Journal of British Astonomers.

Acknowledging ‘Special’ Days

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Valentine’s Day is over now, New Year’s too. President’s Day, to celebrate presidential birthdays has just passed,

Now we have saint Patrick’s Day and Easter to look forward to. And then we also have The Fourth of July (Independence Day), Labor Day, Memorial Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas. I may have forgotten a few, like the birthday of the Marine Corps, Jeremiah Johnson’s birthday, Groundhog Day etc.. Don’t forget your own birthday and that of loved ones!

I think in all fairness there should be an everyone’s day. Perhaps every day! We have Mother and Father’s Days and even a grandparent’s day. I think this is just a way for card makers everywhere to boost their sales.

It shouldn’t take a special day marked on the calendar for people to send each other cards or express affection for one another.

So if there is someone you admire or care about, you can always send a card, or email some special wishes! It only takes a moment on the internet and just might make someone’s day a little brighter!

Paralyzing ice and snow

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Here in the Northwest region of the US, vast sections of freeway are shut down or at a standstill. Downtown Seattle is in the grips of snow and ice. Ten inches of snow and more which turned to ice. Metro drivers with articulated buses are jack knifed and stuck in the road; chains are not even working on the hills. The plows and deicers are all out, but not making much headway. The Seattle area is built on a series of hills which makes matters dangerous for anyone on the roads. The Puget Sound region is pretty much iced in. Tow trucks are in high demand, and the wait is a long one if you are in a collision. And don’t call for a taxi—you will only get a recorded message that says there are none available.
UPS and FEDEX drivers are delivering packages on foot!! I guess they are determined to see that any Christmas presents are delivered in time for the event.
The roads into Canada were pretty much shut down yesterday with the ice, and it just moved south. I think we can assume that it will be a white Christmas for sure, with more snow tomorrow plus off and on snow and freezing weather into next week.
One enterprising individual in Seattle used skis to get to work! Talk about dedicated employees. At least the kids are all enjoying being out of school with no return scheduled any time soon. It will continue through the night, and maybe for the next week.
Good thing I went to the store last week, and we have lots of dry wood for the stove. We also have plenty of chow for the animals. But getting the hay out to the cows and defrosting their water is a royal pain in the you-know-what.
We have been taking good care of the birds; crumbled muffins and bread don’t last long and little skirmishes break out here and there as they jockey for the choicest morsels. I have nailed fat and fat layered soup bones to the fence posts for the birds, and they really go to town on them. There is also a feeder full of seed and cracked corn. At least they won’t go hungry around here. As long as my stocks in the freezers hold out, that is.
It seems this weather is hitting the entire northern portion of the country in one form or another. Many in the New England area have already been hit with it, and some places are still without power. We haven’t lost our power yet. YET.
I hope everyone is snug and warm in front of their fires, and not stuck on the roads.